Monday, 1 October 2012


Hitchhiker, which was release on 30th September worldwide opened with an unexpected response. A film by Ajitabh Bose was expected to open with a bumper opening and to break previous records of BDL, but the film open with a very low response. It crossed 300 views at You Tube on 24 hours of release! Facebook views are only 21K+, which comparatively to Naari and Scream are very less. Naari had 28K+ and Scream had 24K+ in just 12 hours of release.
Director Ajitabh Bose is very disappointed with the response and said it would definitely rap up a good response by the end of this week. The film’s trailer fetched an outstanding response, thus the film was to do good, but it worked the either way. Viewers have given a good review on the film but it didn’t worked yet at views count.
After the grand success of TMJ, Ajitabh was expected to bring a bigger hit with his first film. Made on a budget of Rs 5000 (approx.) fetched over 21K views, which makes it a HIT, but a better response was expected from this film! Lets hope to cope up everything by this week.
-Rakesh Kumar (Site In charge, BDL)

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